Jan Krentz

Home: Poway, California

Jan Krentz is a nationally recognized quilt instructor, author and designer. Winner of the 1998 Teacher of the Year award, Jan’s motivating workshops are packed with practical tips, techniques and methods to insure success. Author of Lone Star Quilts & Beyond, Hunter Star Quilts & Beyond, Diamond Quilts and Beyond, Quick Star Quilts & Beyond, and Quick Diamond Quilts. Jan lives with her husband in Poway, California.

Contact Jan at http://www.jankrentz.com/contact.php or Visit Jan’s Website

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  1. Linda Wagner says:

    Jan I see you are going to be at the Diablo Quilt Guild in January of 2014.
    Napa Valley Quilters Meet the week-end before Sat. 11 for a lecture and Sun. 12 for
    a full day workshop. Is it possible we could hire you and split the transportation
    costs with the Diablo group?

    Linda Wagner and Katie Bowers Vice Presidents of Program for NVQ