Wendy Mamattah

Home: Portland, Oregon Wendy Mamattah is owner of Braid and Stitch, Wendy is an internationally Published and recognized award winning quilt and textile artist, she is also a journalist, art blogger and quilt pattern designer. Her works and patterns have been featured internationally in American Quilter magazine and on the Quilt show With Alex Anderson […] Read more »

Bonnie Dwyer

Home: Maine As the “Quilt Whisperer,” Bonnie enjoys sharing her quilt knowledge with others who are interested in quilt history, quilt making, quilt care, and quilt appreciation. She offers programs on quilt history, fabric dating, quilt making, as well as current quilting trends. Bonnie travels to quilt guilds, historical societies, quilt shows, and shops to […] Read more »

Carole Lyles Shaw

Home: Bradenton, Florida, USA Carole is an enthusiastic modern quilter, teacher and mixed media artist. She brings a painless and fun approach to improvisational modern quilting to her lectures and workshops. She began quilting many years ago when she decided to make quilts for her family. From those beginnings, Carole decided very quickly to break […] Read more »